Character Creation


You may create characters from any of the core races as well as Drow or any of the “Humans mixed with …” monstrous races. If you have questions about what races are allowed please ask.


You may create characters with any class from the Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, or Ultimate Combat, with the exception of the Cavalier and Samurai. Class archetypes are also available. Just remember that your GM is new to this system and hasn’t had time to read all of the possible archetypes so run it by me before game start to make sure it still fits in this world.

For this game use the purchase system for generating ability scores. The rules for this can be found on page 15 of the Core Rulebook. Use the Epic Fantasy pool of 25 points.


You may chose two character traits at the start of the game as described in the Advanced Player’s Guide. The traits listed in the Advanced Player’s Guide are not an exclusive list. There are dozens of other traits published both by Paizo and third part companies. The goal of traits is to quantify your characters previous experience and give it a benefit in the game. If there is a trait that your character should have but is not listed then please check with me and we may be able to make something happen. Conversely do not assume that just because a trait is listed that it fits in this world. Most traits will, just run it by me first.

Players may also choose from among the following Faction Training Traits at game start. These traits represent specialized training your character might have received as a member of one of Novus’ many extra-governmental groups. These are taking the place of ‘Campaign Traits’ for this game as these are the major groups that are likely to have a stake in the starting action. Unlike regular Campaign Traits your are not required to chose one of these. Rather these allow the PCs to have an easy link to the action if you would like.
Training Traits

Animai Vigilants – The Church of the Unified Animus believes that Divine power can be found in all life and does not come from gods. The ‘gods’ therefore are deceivers and their servants must be opposed whenever possible. The Church maintains a group of specially trained followers to deal with these threats.
+1 Damage vs. summoned creatures or outsiders

Novan Council Investigator – The Grand Council of Novus has final authority over a wide variety of security matters including off-world traffic and intercity criminal organizations. As an impartial party the Council also occasionally investigates possible corruption in the City governments.
+1 to Diplomacy and Intimidate and the skill you choose is a class skill

Novan Council Regulator – The Grand Council’s chief concern is the regulation of the shields and their integrity. To help monitor breaches by accidental or intentional summoning and unregulated teleportation, the Council trains certain exceptional people to identify and neutralize threats.
+2 to spellcraft and dispel checks involving summon or teleportation spells

Emperor’s Guard – The monarch of New Port City still holds the title of Emperor though technically the Tirdynol Empire no longer exists. The Emperor’s Guard has existed since the founding of the empire 1500 years ago. Occasionally they still guard the body of the Emperor but it is more common in these days for them to be used for espionage.
+1 to Stealth or +2 while inside a building

Ratus Opera Society – Shortly after the founding of what would become the Parlak University a group of instructors and pupils formed the Ratus Opera Society. Loosely translated as ‘Thinking that works,’ Ratus Opera became a rallying cry for what some believed was a loss of critical thinking in favor of the easy power available after the Conflux. After an invention by one of Society members was used in a sting of brutal murders the entire society seemingly disappeared. There are no longer public meetings and while the Ratus Opera Society no longer has the numbers it once did members can usually find help if they know where to look.
+1 to Perception and any one Knowledge skill, one of those is a class skill

Informed Citizens – In a closed society like Novus secrecy and privacy is at a premium. People go to great lengths to protect what they consider vital information. This only makes information more valuable and the group with the best reputation for finding what other people hide is the Informed Citizens. Started as a group devoted to uncovering corruption the Informed Citizens have evolved into a vast network of spies and informants that operate in all of the 16 Great Cities.
+1 to Disguise and +1 to checks made to gather information (Diplomacy), overhear conversations (Perception) and open locks (Disable Device). Also you may choose one of these skills as a class skill.

Game Mechanics

This game will use the Hero Point system described on pages 323-325 of the Advanced Player’s Guide. Also the game will follow the Medium level progression pace.


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