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Novus Mundus is an old world enjoying the very height of civilization. After thousands of years of advancement magic has become so integrated into every aspect of society that those who study and practice spellcraft are no longer seen as exceptional. Rather they are acknowledged only for the Research and Development role they play and not as near-mystical figures. Additionally all the advances in magical application have allowed even average civilians to wield magical power for mundane tasks like communication and housework.

Magic in Novus is ever-present thanks to the after effects of the Conflux. Power in all its forms flows throughout the world and every sapient creature in the world can feel and manipulate it to some degree. Even the people who choose to pursue mastery of the physical body tap into this power for a boost during their work. With so much power available to people the demand for specially crafted magical equipment decreased. Once the Great Cities sealed themselves off from from the rest of Novus these industries became virtually non-existent.

Religion on Novus is deeply fragmented despite a strong push to unify worship of all the gods in the second century AC and the creation of the Church of the Unified Animus in the eighth century. The majority of Novans that worship anything prefer to worship a specific deity and follow their tenants above others. The most commonly worshiped deities on Novus are Desna, Irori, and Nethys. Erastil was the most worshiped deity by a large margin prior to the Dragon War but his followers have dwindled significantly since the Great Cities became shielded.

Adventurers are not common on Novus. There simply are not any places to explore within the shields. Occasionally people who wish to see other lands will travel off plane. Very few of these travelers ever return and those that wish to are ofter turned away for security reasons. There is employment for these restless souls that do not wish to enter into exile. Many of the governments of the Great Cities hire independent agents to act as police or to carry out certain missions.

Magic in Novus Mundus

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