Jericha White

Aging human armor specialist


| JERICHA WHITE 1st Level |

“I’m… not quite as fast as I used to be.” – Jericha


STR| 16
DEX| 10
CON| 12
INT| 13
WIS| 10
CHA| 15

Common, Latin


“Better late than never, I always say.” – Jericha

NAME Jericha (Chair . ih . kah)

AGE 53 (going on 30)

ALIGNMENT Presumably good.

RACE Human


DESCRIPTION A tall, stern-looking human woman. She stands two inches over six feet. Jericha’s entire posture brings to mind an unyielding iron bar. Her hands are large and unfeminine, speckled with liver spots. Her gunmetal gray eyes have very little pigment and match her steely gray hair. Deep crow’s feet appear when she smiles, and deep sneer lines when she frowns.

It’s possible that this woman was quite lovely in her youth, but her charisma now stems primarily from her force of personality. Jericha wears elegant, age-appropriate dresses in flat gray tones when she is not clad in a magnificent set of full plate. The armor is immaculately kept despite clearly being unfashionably old.

Her helm is plated with mirrors so that her opponent’s last sight is their own terrified visage.

FAMILIAL NPCS Argus Whitewater, Joachim White (D), Nessa White (D), Timothius White (D), Septimus Goldberg, Conrad & Cornelius Goldberg

HISTORY This section will be updated as more information becomes available in-character to the party.

FUN FACT Jericha’s two main weapons are named after her children, Nessa and Tim.

Jericha White

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